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Do you want to fall in love with your home again?  Are there areas in your home that could use some updating? Maybe you need to create a home office or new space for home schooling?  Whether you are looking to completely makeover your home or just revive a single room, our Styling services will help you navigate through it all!

Our design approach is to use our 8-Steps in each room, so that you FEEL HOME in your own home.  We can use what you already have and love, start fresh, or a combination of the two!  We will create environments that seem fresh, new, updated and comfortable for you and your family.

$150 - Styling Consultation 

In this in-home consultation (up to 1.5 hours), we will be using the Detailed Style/Lifestyle Questionnaire to decide on the design direction we will pursue for your space. This service is designed to be the starting point to us working together to make your space beautiful. 

  • We will start with a phone interview in order to completely understand your project.  After the call, we will email the Design Style/Lifestyle Questionnaire for you to complete and return before the consultation.
  • During the Consultation, we will cover the following:
    • Style/Lifestyle Questionnaire review 
    • Measurements and pictures of the space to be styled
    • Furniture, accessory and color recommendations 
    • De-cluttering and organizational solutions
  • Following the consultation, we will work on a hourly basis to shop for furniture and accessories for your space.  We will shop retail and wholesale stores (sharing "To the Trade" discounts when possible). Throughout this process, we will maintain communication via phone and email for product approvals. *Shopping Service is $75 per hour.
  • Once furniture is delivered and assembled, and we have all accessories, we will return to arrange and style your space. *Style Installation is $100 per hour.

$250 - Styling Consultation for the "DIY" Home Owner

In this intensive in-home consultation (up to 2 hours), we will be using a detailed and customized Design Report to write down everything that needs to be done in the main areas of your home, so that they shine! This DIY service is designed to give you all the objective, expert advice you need to do the design work yourself.

  • We will start with a detailed phone interview in order to completely understand your project, style and preferences.
  • During the Consultation, we will cover the following:
    • Recommended furniture arrangement and flow
    • De-cluttering, rearranging and optimizing space in each room
    • Highlighting architectural features and freshening up each room
    • Lighting, window treatments and accessory arrangement
    • Color advice and emotional connection points
  • You will walk away with all the answers to help you complete the design process.

Shopping Services and Trade Discounts

We are expert shoppers who know what and where to purchase!  Let us take the stress of finding the perfect furniture and accessories away from you.  We can shop with you or do all of the shopping ourselves. Our shopping services include retail and wholesale shopping which allows us to pass along our Trade discounts. 

  • Shopping Services are $75 per hour.
  • Shopping Services will be done on an hourly basis. It will include shopping online and in person at retail and wholesale stores.
  • We will share Trade discounts whenever possible.

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